S4:E19 - Buc-ee’s / SummerSlam ’22 / Wrestle Talk

August 2, 2022

"Goodness gracious! Just pin him already!"


It's Summer Slam season and the boys of 30&Nerdy Podcast were at the big event in Nashville, TN! In this episode, they are joined by guests to discuss the card, the atmosphere, the trip, and much more. 



0:00 - INTRO

2:23 - Buc-ee's Adventure

16:35 - SummerSlam in Smashville

33:00 - Intrmission

36:55 - SummerSlam '22 Card with Rev and Big Daddy

1:56:15 - Ric Flair

1:57:20 - TV14 and Summations

2:00:05 - Vince 

2:04:20 - Closing


Opening Theme: Kyle Standifer

Closing Theme: Beth Crowley


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