S2:E38 - Crisis Of The Infinite Nerdiverse (Ft. ODPH, East Coast Avengers, 3 Fat Nerds, and Dre)

September 24, 2020

Every season needs a crossover...

Every show has a crossover episode of some sort, especially in The Nerdiverse. Last season, it was The BMFs of The Galaxy with 30&Nerdy and ODPH. This season's is one for the books. 30&Nerdy, East Coast Avengers, 3 Fat Nerds, ODPH, and DreDriven. The team is assembled. These different ambassadors of their individual Nerdiverses will talk life as a Nerd during the global pandemic. From content shifting, postponing of events, shut downs, and more. 

The Team:

30&Nerdy Podcast


East Coast Avengers

3 Fat Nerds



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