#BadCastCompany Productions: Patreon Special

December 16, 2020

Hello There! 

This episode is a #BadCastCompany Production Patreon Special. These are cut scenes from some of the bigger crossovers of The 30&Nerdy Podcast, the flagship show of #BadCastCompany Productions. These are typically cut scenes and deleted scenes that are for exclusive Patreon supporters. However, with the holidays coming, we wanted to release this as a thank you for your support and hopes that you will consider to become a Patreon supporter in the future. Their are many opportunities to support the shows, and each opportunity yields different rewards. For more info on how to become a Patreon supporter, go to Patreon/BadCastCompany and also check us out at our website for everything you need to know about the crew and the shows we offer. 

Cheers To Ya!

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